How Reclaiming Your Happiness with Lemus has helped community

Reclaiming Your Happiness with Lemus is named perfectly. Michael is a breath of fresh air. After we met, many things changed for the better in my life and career. Michael is a natural coach.
— Brandy Fleming

“I love seeing your posts every morning! Really helping me think about who I am and who I want to be”

— Carolyn Hernandez

Having Michael’s page so readily available has been insightful and inspiring. It’s like our ancestors aligned us, his positivity is uplifting”

— Dr.Vanessa Gonzalez

My interactions with Michael at NASPA WRC and listening to him during SA Speaks is what truly made me feel connected to the efforts and work he is doing. Abundance and Transition has been an empowering space for me to explore my personal and professional self, which led to my growth.

-Diane Gaskin

Empower Calls allowed me to critically think about myself and my goals. It was the pivotal step for pushing myself to the next level.



Having an Empower Call with Michael helped clarify how to move forward in navigating difficult situations in my Student Affairs role with more clarity and ease. Michael is an empathetic yet action oriented sounding board which makes him a very effective coach.

— Antonia demichiel

I met Michael as a result of seeing his positive messaging with our Mural as his backdrop, but besides being flattered, what I loved about the photo and his message, was that he was connecting with his ancestors. He was reaching deep within and hearing the messages. This intrigued me, so I started following him and everyday, I love reading the uplifting messages and even the real life struggles, which makes it real and helps me relate.  I look forward to more everyday! 

— Teresa Gutierrez