Michael Lemus, Founder & CEO of Reclaiming Your Happiness With Lemus


One day he awakened to the fact that he too deserved happiness

So he sought out to reclaim it and help others do it too

Michael Lemus, M.S. Ed

Michael Lemus is an educator, empowerment coach, facilitator, and writer. Michael currently works in higher education where he helps in building skills in leadership, empowerment, advocacy, and civic engagement for underrepresented students. His gender pronouns are he/him/his and he identifies as a scholar practitioner, social justice advocate, and spiritual healer. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and master’s degree in Higher Education with a certificate in Community College education.

Michael developed Reclaiming Your Happiness with Lemus in August of 2018. The platform is dedicated to helping people find their voice, reclaim their happiness, and align themselves with their life goals. It is through this platform that he also runs a business as a life coach.

If Michael isn’t in a meeting or advocating for someone or something, he is out on a hike enjoying the sun, tending to his plants, hanging out with friends and family, or reading a good book. He is a life long learner and loves tapping into the universe through his spirituality. Every day is an opportunity for Michael to make the most of his life and he embodies this by remaining as optimistic as possible.

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Reclaiming Your Happiness with Lemus
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